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Mobile Marketing -
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Mobilise your brand.   Businesses of every size are gradually waking up to the new and exciting ways of reaching, engaging and communicating with customers on their mobiles.

These days a persons mobile is as valuable to him or her as their wallet.  Their social life is planned using it, the use it for keeping up with the latest news, taking photos of special events, even purchasing some products / services through M payment.  Bearing this in mind it is not surprising to learn that mobile marketing campaigns yield high levels of direct response, awareness, recall and a new layer of interactivity and innovation to traditional media.  Coupled with this it is a relatively inexpensive communication device when compared against such media types as direct mail, flyers, radio and other similar approaches.

So how can we integrate this new and exciting promotional tool into our fitness centre marketing?

The opportunities are endless with mobile.  Here are a few examples of typical mobile marketing options:

Competitions:  Text based competitions are fun, innovative and can be rewarding for customers.  They are also reasonably easy to set up and are cost effective.  How can these be introduced into a fitness centre environment?  Perhaps text to win a free membership, text in for a free trial or some other benefit could be a great way to generate a large amount of leads for your membership consultants to follow up one.

Branded content:  A mobile campaign can build exciting 2 way dialogues reflecting brand attributes and delivering targeted promotions, rewards, alerts and mobile services.

Loyalty / CRM clubs:  Possible one of the best ways of utilising mobile in a fitness centre environment.  This enables brands to acquire and retain customers using offers, mobile vouchers, news, reminders and alerts.  This might include reminders of the launch of a new type of class to existing members, or could even detail a promotion or sale that prospects could take advantage of.

SMS to email: Acquire email addresses via text and allow consumers to text in email addresses for automated dispatch of email fact sheets, coupons etc.

Develop a mobile version of an existing customer service:  Perhaps instead of your usual confirmation call prior to appointment at your club a text message reminder could be just as effective but a lot less imposing.

Incorporate mobile into the marketing of your club and see the results.  Put away those envelopes and stamps and replace them with a well design mobile and email campaign.  However, remember one thing ... unsolicited text messaging (just like with email) is  spam ... you must have permission to text otherwise you can be prosecuted.  Permission is easy to gain ... simply add a quick question to your guest register.