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Programme Database

Try out one of our standard beginners programmes to enable you to get started on achieving your fitness goals.

Tone & Trim 6 Week Starter Programme
Tone up your muscles at the same time as you lose that unwanted extra weight you are carrying.

Body Bulk 6 Week Starter Programme
Get started on increasing the size and look of the muscles throughout your body with our 6 week body bulk programme.

Why Weight 6 Week Starter Programme
Lose the unwanted extra weight that you are carrying around your stomach, hips, thighs or other problem parts of the body.

Fighting Fit 6 Week Starter Programme
Improve your general fitness and conditioning with your 6 week starter programme.
Programme Database

Search our programme database for a suitable programme to assist in you in your specific fitness quest.
General Toning
Free Weights Toning
Beginners 2 Day Full Body
Beginners 2 Day Upper Body
Beginners 2 Day Lower Body

3 Day Home Workout
Wedding Day Preparation

6 Weeks To Six Pack 

Weight Loss
Express Workout
Wedding Day Preparation
3 Day Home Workout
3 Day Cardio Weight Loss
4 Day Weight Loss

Pregnancy Programme 
Rugby Pre Season
Rugby Mid Season

Cricket Pre-Season Bowler
Cricket Pre Season Batsmen
Golf Mid Season
Tennis Mid Season
Beginners Half Marathon

Runners Upper Body Strength
Runners Full Body Strength   
Round The Bays Beginner
Round The Bays Intermediate
Body Building / Muscle Size
4 Day Full Body
4 Day Upper Body
4 Day Isolation

4 Day Split Full Body

Beginners Half Marathon
Lydiard Style Marathon