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Fancy A Foot Rub?

Are you suffering from lack of sleep, muscular aches and pains, stress, is it that time of the month, or perhaps you have hay fever or eczema?  The best treatment for your condition could simply be a foot rub!

Now before you have your poor husband or wife, pants rolled up, kneeling on the floor massaging your feet (although it sounds great!), the treatment that I am referring to is the ancient healing art of reflexology.

Now, I know there are probably a large number of sceptics out there.   I too in fact have had my doubts on some of the ancient medicinal techniques that are becoming more and more popular.  However, that was until I experienced remarkable results utilising Acupuncture.  From here on in I figured … don’t mock it until you try it!

Reflexology is based on the principle that the anatomy of the body is reflected by reflex zones in your feet.  By using specific techniques of holds and pressures, healing is reported to be initiated and accelerated in the corresponding area of the body.  Does this sound like witchcraft to you?  Remember at one time everyone thought the earth was flat also!

Reflexologists have divided the body into zones representing the whole body.  For example, the toes reflect the head, the instep reflects the abdomen, the bony ridge of the inside of the foot reflects the spine.  Well trained reflexologists with sensitive hands can detect tiny deposits and an imbalance in the feet.  By working on these points they attempt to release blockages and restore the free flow of energy to the body … the aim is to encourage the body to heal itself.

Reflexology is designed to complement conventional medicine rather than as an alternative to it.

Reflexology has been practiced for thousands of years in many countries …including  the Egyptian, Indian, Chinese and Japanese culturesIt has developed rapidly as an alternative to modern medicine over the last 30 years with individuals becoming  disenchanted with modern techniques and surgery.  The number of books and articles on reflexology has increase exponentially over the past few years.  Research studies have also found that chronic conditions have responded especially well to reflexology.

In China, Reflexology is accepted by the central government as a means of preventing and curing diseases, where as in Japan and Denmark, it has been incorporated into employee health programmes of several large organisations and is said to be responsible for saving thousands of dollars per year on sick leave benefits. 

For all of you out there that may still hold an inherent scepticism towards reflexology or any of the other hands on ancient medicines, I have a word of advice.  Try it out!  If you don't believe that it is assisting you in healing your medical condition then think of it simply as a great excuse for a foot rub!