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In It for the long haul

Holiday season.  Late nights, early mornings, no breakfast, big brunch, barbeque dinner, extra helping of alcohol, chocolate and sweets with every meal!  The result.  Blurring eyes, lack of sleep, another festive season hangover, a few extra kilograms on the waistline.

However, do not despair.  It's that time of year again.  New years resolution training starts again today... or tomorrow!

A New Year is here and this year will be different.  This year you are in it for the long haul.  Normally you can stick at your programme for a good 4-5 weeks, up every morning, pushing the body through one repetition after the next.  In the past however, 6-8 weeks has been your limit.  By then the legs are tired, your motivation is flagging, the programme is boring, or injury has enforced a compulsory layoff.  If only you could get a programme or training routine that is easy and stimulating. 

Perhaps one with the following features:

1.  Flexibility
2.  One that conditions different muscle groups
3.  A programme that reduces boredom
4.  Perhaps you could develop a new set of skills
5. Maybe you need to vary the stress placed on specific muscles that you are training, as well as on your cardiovascular system.
6.  Keeps the injury risk down to a minimum.
7.  Increases your overall muscle strength.
8.  Works your muscles in a different way.
9.  Give you a level of all round conditioning
10. Gives you the ability to train even while injured.

As it turns out there is a programme... that fits this criteria perfectly!  This January why don't you start your own cross training routine. 

Don't let the boredom of running everyday, or spending every day at the gym reduce the effectiveness of your return to training.  Why not use a combination of training techniques to make up your 4 days per week of exercise.  January is a great time to cross train your way back to fitness after the over indulgence at Christmas.  Why not try a selection of the following options in your routine this month:

Running - outdoors
Running - treadmill
Cycling - road
Cycling - mountain bike
Cycling - gym
Spinning classes
Group exercise classes
Cross trainer machine
Stepper machine
Swimming - pool
Swimming - open water
Cardio split routine - eg cycle, run, cross trainer combination
Weight training workout
Circuit training
Touch football

Enjoy your fitness training this month, but make sure you are still completing the desired number of sessions every week.  By enjoying your training this month it will make it much easier on you come February when serious training starts again!!

Are you looking for a gym to join this month?  Search Gyms.co.nz Quick Search for details of gyms in your area.  Alternatively, sign up for a free trial of a gym in your area via our website so your can try before you buy.