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I'm Talking About... Good Vibrations

Imagine a world where you didn’t have to spend hours at the gym in order to achieve your fitness goals.

Imagine being able to gain those strength, endurance and fitness goals in just 10-15 minutes a day.

Imagine being able to de stress, remove cellulite, and improve flexibility all in just minutes of exercise per day.

Imagine a world without mindless exercise mediums such as treadmills, stationary cycles or cross trainers.

Oh such a world is light years away… surely?  Maybe this is one of those infomercials …  next I am about to hear about 6 minute abs right? 


Vibration training is here in New Zealand, and is growing at a rapid rate of knots.  Facilities such as Vibra Gym in Orewa are springing up quickly throughout large cities and small towns, and if you believe the hype they deliver the quick fitness fix that many of you have been searching your whole lives for!!    

OK How does this Vibration Training Work?

Basically, what you do is stand, sit, or squat in various poses on a ‘vibration plate’.  Mechanical vibrations are transmitted to your body through the vibration place, so you end up shaking gently while you hold the different positions of your customised routine.

So… how is this going to help me?

Vibration therapy was first developed as a way to re-build bone density for Astronauts on their return to Earth after space travel.  From this, the link was made to the elderly, who lose bone density as they age and scientific studies showed that vibration training actually increased bone density significantly.

Further research discovered that vibrations caused a stretch-reflex in the muscles producing continuous muscle contractions.

Apparently the former Soviet Union began using the principle to improve performance in sporting events and during the 1970's, Russian Scientists continued the research into vibration training, finding significant improvements in muscle strength and flexibility and decreases in recovery times after exercise.

It was only after the Iron Curtain was pulled down that the western world caught onto the training method, when scientists from Italy and Israel began their own research into the field. It is now widely acknowledged as an exercise tool, with further applications in rehabilitation and pain relief. 

OK So those are a few potential benefits.  Is there anything else it can help with?

Vibration training providers list the following as potential benefits of Vibration training:

  Increases in strength and endurance
  Increased flexibility and mobility
  Improved power and speed
  Improved blood circulation and lymphatic drainage (anti cellulite)
  Increases in basal metabolic rate and fat reduction
  Improved collagen production and human growth hormone (for repair and regeneration of tissues
  Reduced cortisol levels (anti stress)
  Increased bone density

Right this sounds too good to be true.  Only minutes a day and it will help me achieve almost all of my fitness training goals.

This must be a gimmick right?

Well… who knows, but with the rate that Vibration training centres are spreading throughout New Zealand and the world you would have to imagine that there is something to it…

The best advice that we can offer… try it for yourself and then make your own judgement!!

Most Vibration training facilities will offer you the first workout free, so roll into your local Vibra Gym today!

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