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Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

This month's ClubMarketer eNews is a follow on from our last article 'Track Your Staff'.  If you haven't read last month's issue then you may want have a quick read before you look at this article.

Last month we provided you with a template for tracking your staff performance - by having them take note of all their telephone and walk in enquiries, as well as any outgoing call activity.

This month we will provide you with a template for analysing your staff performance. 

To complete the template, simply have your staff enter their daily stats in the appropriate categories.  There are 3 main sections to be completed - Daily Activity (including telephone statistics, walk in statistics, appointment statistics and outreach completed), Objections, and Source of Enquiry.  Each Membership Consultant completes their own sheet and then the information for the gym is automatically summarised on the main sheet.  This will detail the performance of the gym staff in terms of conversion rates, completed calls, and other relevant information.  This is extremely important in terms of identifying areas where staff training may be required.

The club targets should be updated on the summary sheet depending on the size of your club and how many members you are looking to attract in a particular month.  The required call and conversion targets are based on recognised industry standards.

To download the Summary Sheet Click Here

If you have any questions regarding the summary sheet then please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Show You Care

Is your gym a factory?  Is the aim to attract as many new members to the club as humanly possible, take their money and leave them to their own devices?  Do you think that the perfect member is one that continues to pay and never attends?

If so, it is time to try a new approach.  Time to show that you care about every member or prospect that walks in your door.  Trust me, it will be reflected on your bottom line in the long run!!

How do we do this?  Lets start with the prospects that walk in your door.

Do you generally take each enquiry through a well documented sales procedure, then if they do not join follow up with a phone call to encourage them to join 3 days, and then perhaps another 7 days later?

Lets be honest, you may say that you are following up for their benefit, to see if they have any questions, to get them booked in to achieve their fitness goals... but what are the enquirers really thinking?  Just another sales call, that's what..

Lets show them that you really do care about helping them to achieve their fitness goals.  Try this for style...

When someone comes into your gym to enquire about your facility, certainly complete the normal sales process uncovering their needs, what they are interested in etc.  However, if they do not join then send them out some information specific to the fitness goals they wish to achieve.  If it is weight loss, send them some information and articles on weight loss.  If it is strength training, send them some appropriate information.

This way, when you follow up on a prospect, you have a talking point for a start rather than just "Have you thought any further about joining?"  This way they will really think that you are concerned about assisting them in achieving their fitness goals and are more likely to join your club.