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Corporate Health Strategy

Does your business have a strategy in place for attracting the all important corporate members to your facility?  If not, then it is high time something was done about this!  This month we have a few tips on how to optimise the corporate numbers at your gym.

Assess your corporate market.
1. The first step of assessing your corporate market is to map your demographic area.  Take a walk or drive and map the areas spanning a 10 minute walk or drive from your club.

2. Now its time to build your corporate database.  Record all the businesses that fall into your mapped areas.  Check out Yellow Pages, business advertisements, the local library or any other sources that you may be able to give you details of businesses in your area.

3.  Now you need to establish the business potential within each of these businesses.  How many employees do they have?  What is the typical salary? The type of business?  Is this the clientele that you wish to attract to your facility?

4.  Create a hit list.  Identify the top 10 business that you wish to approach and develop a plan of attack.  The first step is to find out who the key decision maker is, perhaps it is the HR manager, the General Manager or some other person in charge of health and social events.  Check your current members for employees of the company as often this is a great way to find out further information.

Establish Contact
1. Right, time to contact the key decision maker.  The first point of contact should be by way of letter.  A follow up call should then be completed 3 days later to arrange a meeting at either their place of business or at the club.

2.  The all important meeting.  You need to be well prepared on entering the meeting.  Typical areas of discussion in your proposal should include a benefits and fact presentation (what are the benefits of having healthier employees), corporate options (whether the company is going to make a contribution, or whether it is solely a discounted membership for a large group), agreeing internal communications as well as ascertaining a review date.

Ongoing Development
Great, we have established some corporate accounts.  However, to develop and maximise our corporate accounts we must continue to promote and build awareness of membership. MAXIMISE EXPOSURE.

This is where many clubs fall down.  They get a large influx of corporates at the outset, however they fail to continually market their services in the corporate environment.

How can we continue to increase our profile with our business partners?  Try these ideas for style.

Have information listed on the company intranet.
Develop an e-Flyer for regular promotions.
Put up posters at their workplace.
Advertisements in employee magazines or newsletters.
Establish Lead Boxes.
Business card drops.
Complimentary trials.
Regular enrolment days.
Run a health awareness week.

To ensure that we are regularly contacting our corporate accounts it is important that corporate tracking procedures are set up.  Files should be produced detailing all current clients, key contact information as well as the details of every contact / promotion that has been arranged with the company and its effectiveness.

If we regularly promote our services to our local companies then we will certainly reap the rewards when it comes to increasing the number of members at our gym.