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Track Your Staff

Your staff... the most important factor in the success or failure of your business. 

With the new year upon us it is time to analyse the performance of your staff during the previous year and to put in place procedures to ensure your company's success in the upcoming 12 months.

Are you currently tracking the performance of the staff at your club?  If not you definitely should be.

This month's ClubMarketer eNews is going to reveal ways in which you can track the performance of your sales staff.  Next month's issue will show you how to analyse the performance of your staff (against Key Performance Indicators) to identify areas that require additional training or monitoring. 

There are two areas that you need to focus on...

1. Tracking Incoming Sales Activity
It is important that all incoming enquiries are logged whether they are walk ins, telephone enquiries or appointments with your sales staff.  This means that you can identify the performance of your staff in terms of converting enquiries to appointments, appointments to sales and gaining referrals.  If any of their conversion rates are low then it can show you the areas in which your staff require training. 

2. Tracking Outgoing Sales Activity
How many calls are your sales staff making during the day that are focussed on gaining new members for your gym?  How many calls are they making that are directed to motivating existing members with their training?  Are staff confirming their appointments?  Are referral calls being made?  You need to know what your staff are doing during their shifts.  Knowing that they are accountable for their actions will also ensure that their work level is increased.

The links below will forward you to a couple of sample tables for tracking daily incoming and outgoing activity of your staff.  Feel free to download these and utilise them in your club.

Membership Consultant Daily Activity

Membership Consultant Daily Outgoing Calls

Contact us on gyms@slingshot.co.nz if you have any questions about the tables and how to use them.